Monday, August 22, 2011

The Adorable Hale Family!-In Urban Downtown Memphis...

The Hale Family...I loved them.  It was a hot Memphis summer day that we're all too familiar with.  The 4 Hales stuck through and were such great sports.  I came back from this session so excited and energized. 

Downtown Memphis is pretty much awesome.  Though, unfortunately a lot of them are abandoned, there are an endless number of old buildings that have so much character.  I had my eye on a few for awhile and finally got the opportunity to use them.  The Hales, who live in South Korea and were just in the states for a visit, were all too familiar with an urban setting and felt like that fit their family just right. 

The little Hales were so cute and such a fun age to work with.  They were little models just doing their thing.  I love capturing their expressions and their personalities. 
I hope you enjoy!

-gretchen shaw

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lizzie & Clint~Engagement~Memphis, TN

Meet Lizzie and Clint.

I had the privilege to photograph this couple just a few weeks before their big day.  It was Clint's birthday at the time and Lizzie wanted to surprise Clint with some fun engagement photos of the two of them just being themselves.  It was a blast!  Lizzie wanted to have the session at Overton Park which was the place that Clint asked her to be his wife.  This couple was so much fun.  Clint was way more into it than I ever expected, which was awesome!  He had ideas before I could even open my mouth.  He kept saying how they should go "frolic in the fields!"  Hilarious! I basically followed these two around and captured these two just enjoying each others company.

Congrats to the newlyweds and I hope the rest of you enjoy!

-gretchen shaw

Ready. Set. GO!

You know, sometimes a little wooing needs to happen.

The exact spot the original proposal took place. (I'm thinking the first time went a little better.)

Security is a big deal in marriage.

Strike a pose.

And then the frolicing began...

The End.