Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Day in the Park...

I've only been in Memphis for about 5 months.  And even in my short time here, I know that there has been a ridiculous amount of snow and cold weather for Memphis, TN.  However, this past weekend took a turn for the good! Out of nowhere came 65 degree weather, sunshine, and lots of smiling faces.  I think the whole city spent the day outside.  Mike and I were no exception.  Many of our friends got together at the park to play soccer, which pretty much made Mike's year.  And because no one on this planet wants to see me play soccer, I walked around with some friends and .....took pictures! (who would have guessed)
Today it's back to being rainy and cold, BUT the weekend gave us all hope that nice, sunshiney days are right around the corner!