Friday, February 14, 2014

Drew Turns One!

Hello there!  Meet Drew...or as I like to call him, "my guy, lil Drew".  It has been an exciting first year for this guy and for his parents, and has been a privilege to watch and be a part of.  Though he's been with his parents, Andrew and Haley, since just a few days old, he was officially adopted the day after his first birthday.  My husband and I had the honor to sit in the court room and see and hear his parents take oaths to love and take care of Drew as if he were born to them.  It was such a wonderful reminder and taste of how I have been adopted into God's family and how I am a co-heir with Jesus.  I share in the same blessings as Jesus Christ, just as Drew will share in the same blessings as his brother Liam who was recently born to Andrew and Haley.  I love this little guy and taking his 1 YR pics was so much fun!


-gretchen shaw

The whole Fam!