Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Downtown Memphis Wedding~ Christine & Eathan

 Oh, man! It has been a while.  I’ve gotten pretty behind on blogging, but I’m coming back! 
I’m not sure there’s much more I can say about these two. If you follow my blog, these faces should look pretty familiar. I’ve loved following Christine and Eathan throughout their engagement, and really even before.  This couple was my first to photograph the WHOLE deal…engagement pics, bridal portraits, and finally, the BIG Day!  I hope to do this with all my future clients, because it really makes a big difference on the wedding day and it’s just a blast for all parties!

Christine and Eathan were married at the church I currently attend, which is right in the heart of downtown Memphis.  So, you know I enjoyed all the old buildings.

Here are a few of my favorites.  Enjoy!

~gretchen shaw

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Holiday DEAL!

It’s that time of year againthe time of year when we judge who has the best Holiday cardI mean, the time of year we celebrate and give thanks for our families and friends! 
Some of my favorite memories from my childhood are during the holiday season.  Looking back at pictures remind me of my cousins’ reenacting the Christmas story or my Grandma with tears in her eyes over hearing a horrible rendition of my siblings and I singing “Away in a Manger.”  I’d love the honor of helping your family remember these special and joyful times in your own home.
Take advantage of my “Holiday DEAL” this year and receive photos that will be in your family for years and also the opportunity to share these photos with some of your favorite people.  May the best Holiday card win!
Happy Holidays!

-gretchen shaw

Monday, October 17, 2011 1 year old!-Children's Photography-Memphis, TN

I had the privilege to photograph little Madeline right around her 1st birthday!  Madeline has some amazing eyes! I loved trying to capture the brightness in them.  We played in the park, in the backyard and in her room.  She had a lot of fun playing with the balloons.  It was so cute watching her try to gather all of them in her arms at once.  And I enjoyed seeing how the light through the window made the balloons glow!  Hope you enjoy the new collage look! 

~gretchen shaw


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Christine...the supermodel Bride!-Bridal Portraits-Memphis, TN

Christine, and her now husband, Eathan, were my first "whole package" wedding couple! I got to take their engagement photos, Christine's bridal portraits, and I just finished editing and uploading their wedding day photos (those photos coming soon...). I've had a blast with this couple.  They allowed me to take my creativity to a new level.  Believe it or not, (maybe not that hard to believe) this was my first bridal session I've done.  I was a little terrified at first, but Christine's laid-back personality made the whole thing easy and enjoyable.  We did have to overcome some challenges, however.  The day we had scheduled for the bridal session, ended up being the hottest day of the summer.  I love the outdoors and working with natural light, but a couple days before the shoot, I knew a bride with her make-up and hair done, in a 25+ pound dress was not going to work outside in 104 degree weather.  
Scrambling for a photogenic place, with natural light, that allows for photography was kind of tough.  We ended up at a friend's house that had such a cool atmosphere.  I have been to this house multiple times, and never appreciated how beautiful the architecture was and how well decorated it was.  It made for some great, antique-y photographs.
We then headed over to the train station downtown for a totally different mood.  Both places gave character and beauty to these photos that I could never have imagined.  Sometimes last minute works out for the best! 
I know this is a long blog with lots of photos, but it's so hard eliminating photos sometimes.  Christine is actually a super model! This was another bonus I discovered on the shoot!  OK, maybe not professionally, but she could be.  
I hope you enjoy!
gretchen shaw
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