Friday, July 20, 2012

First Comes Love...

My husband and I just recently moved into our first home together.  It's been a crazy and exciting time. And as a result I've had little time to update this thing.  So to make up for lost time, this is going to be long post...but don't worry...the long part is mostly made up of photos.
There have been a lot of great things that have come out of moving into our new home and new neighborhood, and one of those great things is that we live 2 blocks away from these people. -->

 I first met Rebecca and Michael Rhodes in college and their wedding was my very first wedding to photograph.  And man was I nervous.  I brought a little D40 with a borrowed flash to capture the big day and made my first attempt at editing when I got back home.  It was a little scary.  But they trusted me and who knows where I would be in my photography career without these people.  

We have since become great friends, and I had the joy of not only capturing some great moments on camera, but sharing in the celebration of their marriage, their move back to Memphis, and most recently the birth of their first child.  I can't put into words how great it has been and how exciting it is to be part of the new little Rhodes' life.
Ok, enough writing, right!  Let's get to the photos...
Rebecca was also my first maternity shoot...and I LOVED it!  That session was done in Downtown Memphis, and then little Isaiah was photographed just a few weeks later.

~gretchen shaw

and here's isaiah...