Monday, June 27, 2011

Christine & Eathan-Engagement-Memphis, TN

Christine and Eathan…so much to say about these two.  Christine came to Memphis not long after I did.  Part of my husband’s job is recruiting volunteers and interns for the non-profit, Advance Memphis, where he works. I remember him emailing and talking to Christing trying to convince her to come to Memphis and take an internship at Advance. Well… she took it! Since then she’s been a blessing in my life and so many others.  She works her tail off in that office and has experienced and wrestled with the joys and struggles of working with people that so often are forgotten. 
When I was first getting to know Christine, she mentioned this certain boy A LOT.  And she talked about plans for their wedding and engagement and I was like, OK, girl…where’s the ring!?  It showed up about 2 days later.  I eventually got to meet the love of her life, Eathan.  I have the honor to photograph their wedding in September.  I have a feeling this wedding will be another one full of tears, but happy tears.  I’m excited about participating and sharing in the joy of this wonderful couple taking their vows. 

Now to the engagement session!  I need to thank Christine and Eathan (again) for braving the rain with me.  Right when they arrived it started to down pour! We thought about rescheduling but realized there wasn’t another opportunity for a long time.  So, I grabbed my cute umbrella that I’m kinda obsessed with, and with hair at risk and everything we went for it.  IT WAS AWESOME!  It drizzled on and off throughout the session and I’m telling you, it’s what made for some awesome shots!  On this session we had: Great clouds, a building covered in ivy, umbrellas, coffee, sunshine, RAINBOWS, high school stadiums, reflections, lots of love, and more! I absolutely loved it and am so excited to share these with you!


-gretchen shaw