Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nash Bash!-Family Portraits-Memphis, TN

Meet Katherine, Ann Bennett, Elizabeth, and Stephen Nash.

These 4 siblings have been part of my life here in Memphis since I arrived…and actually even before that.  My husband was a family friend of theirs for a while before I appeared on the scene.  He often received text messages and calls inquiring about this new girl in his life.   I was even intimidated sometimes that I wouldn’t meet up to a 11 or 14 year old’s standards.   Well, things turned out pretty great and I have really enjoyed spending time with all four of these guys.  

The business is beginning to pick up a bit, and I have many people to thank for that, and this family is included.  They have been a big support and great encouragers as I began this journey. 

Taking these photos was actually the kids’ idea!  They wanted to surprise their parents with some updated portraits of themselves for a special occasion.  I thought it was a great idea and was more than happy to help!  

Here’s what came out of my camera…



Thursday, May 5, 2011

Baby Clemens-Newborn Portraits-Memphis, TN

Baby Clemens…how cute is she!

Since being here in Memphis, there has been one little girl that has shown up often on this blog.  Well that little girl now has a sister.  So that makes 2 little girls that may show up often on this blog!

This was my first newborn session.  I really enjoyed it, but I learned some things.  A newborn session is a lot different from any other kind of photo session.  I thought, because she’s so small and just a baby, she would be easy to control and photograph exactly how I wanted.  WRONGO! She was completely in control. She ate when she wanted to eat, she slept or didn’t sleep when she wanted, spit up when she wanted…whatever it was…I was on her time schedule.   But it was great.  It’s kind of a freeing feeling knowing that you can do what you can to make her comfortable and get some good photos, and that’s it. 

I can’t get enough of baby Clemens, though.  She’s so funny! Her parents sometimes refer to her as a warthog because the sounds she makes are unreal! Lots of grunting going on.

It’s exciting to see how much she’s grown already and I hope to see much more of that for years to come.