Sunday, December 26, 2010

~Winter Wonderland~

Well, it really was a white least it was back in my hometown.  It's good to be back in Virginia for the week and spend time with my family.  AND it's beautiful outside!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Advance Memphis

My husband, Mike works for an organization called Advance Memphis.  The main aspect of the organization is a 6 week class for adults from lower income areas, specifically the Cleaborn and Foote Communities.  In this class, the students are taught that every person is created in God's image, created with worth and value; created with gifts and talents that we are to serve others with and glorify God with.  We're all also created to work.  The students, with this understanding as their base, are also taught soft job skills and financial management; how to present oneself in an interview, how to write a resume, how to budget money, how to overcome roadblocks, and much more. In the last class, I had the opportunity to be a small group leader of three wonderful ladies.  Together we talked about what our goals were and what's been keeping us from reaching these goals.  We also talked about our weaknesses and mistakes, and how ultimately Jesus Christ is the only one who will always walk beside us and change our hearts and minds.  Having a job, and reaching career and personal goals are good things, but this is not where our hope should lie.  We'll only be left disappointed.  JESUS is our hope and strength.  I need this reminder every day.  
I'm a huge fan of Advance Memphis and all the wonderful people I've met there. The photos below are from the graduation of the last class.  Graduation is always a fun and joyful time.  Enjoy the photos below and check out more about Advance at !

Class of December 2010

My small group ladies: Lewanda, Quita, and Tammie

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Lareau Family Photo Shoot


I really enjoyed photographing the Lareaus. They wanted their family to be photographed in their home over some unfamiliar setting.   Their home is where their memories are, where they spend time with each other, where they're most comfortable.  Makes sense to me! And it had so much character.  Win, Win!
As I was editing and going though these pictures, I LOVED observing all the different faces Meredeth and Madeline made (their two girls).  Meredeth loved looking right at the camera and giving her best smile. Madeline...had a different face in every photo.  She brought a smile to my face quite often. 
Thanks Lareaus for allowing me to come into your home, take some shots, and hopefully create a few memories.