Monday, July 15, 2013

Kevin & Lindsey ~ Engaged!

Where to start with these two???  My husband and I got to know Kevin about a year ago from church.  He joined our small group in church and eventually became our co-leader which has been such a blessing.  Let's say that this guy adds just a little bizarre-ness wherever he goes.  Don't be fooled by the southern boy in seersucker pants display...there's a lot more craziness there than you might think.  Ok, but seriously, these two are so much fun!  Michael and I were so excited to meet Lindsey and see how cute and perfect these two are for each other.  We're excited to have them in our lives for hopefully a long time to come.  
So the plan for this session was to go to the Metal Museum downtown.  However, when we got there it was closed! Noooo!  It was a bummer...but we stuck around the area for a few minutes and as we were taking some pics near the awesome magnolia trees, we saw a truck going through the Metal Museum's gate.  Kevin chased him down and asked if we could go in...and he said yes!  It was great....such a fun place to take photos.  I'll definitely hit that up again.  From there we stopped by the Raymond James building.  This is where Kevin and Lindsey met and where they both still work.  And then we moved onward and upward to BEALE STREET!  Always a fun time!  
Congrats Kevin and Lindsey!  


Inside the Metal Museum

There is a great view of the river from the museum.

This bench was a lot of fun!

I think the carriage-riders got a kick out of us.

Beale Skreet!

Yay Memphis!

Some of my Faves!

Love these too!