Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Troy & Amy: A Farewell to Memphis

Troy and Amy...what can I even say.  These 2 are awesome people that I have the privilege to call my friends...not to mention the privilege to photograph. They're slightly photogenic, don't you think?  They have since moved so far away to the land of Arizona.  Before the left...really just a few days before they left...they wanted to have a Memphis themed photo shoot to remember this great city and the good times they had we made it happen.  I had so much fun with them as we walked around this crazy the rain.  Shout out to Matt Pitts who came along to follow me around with an umbrella.  Thanks, guy!



Just in case you can't tell...that's the state of TN with a heart on Memphis!  My crafting skills were kind of lacking that day.

Troy's done this before...obviously.

Beale Street!

They were still trying to ge the dip thing down.  :)  

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Pitzers~ Memphis Family Photos

Back when the trees were GLOWING....I had the privilege to photograph this beautiful family.  We've almost come "half-circle" ??? and this city will be blooming again!  Can't wait for some spring sessions full of color and life!